“Free” vs. “Free Trial”

FREEperHEAD is exactly what it says: lifetime, no-charge service and best-of-breed DGS-platform management tools, with player-facing pages that demonstrate the high-quality they expect with their experience.

The other guys? They’ll give you their inferior product for “free” for a short time, and then start charging you up the wazoo once you’ve got your players set up, knowing that trying to make a midseason change could be disruptive to your business.

Platform Cost Per Head
PayPerHead $10.00
AcePerHead $10.00
RealBookie $10.00
StandardPerHead $10.00
PerHead $14.00

Already using one of “the other guys”? We make it easy for you to switch to FREEperHEAD with our simple submission form for importing your players to our platform.

The FREEperHEAD uses the DGS platform, proven by years in the market. You’ll get an edge without any sacrifice of quality – we guarantee it.